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Marriage and Relationship Breakdown can be one of the most difficult and stressful periods of yours and your children’s lives – so if you are either contemplating separation or have no choice but to proceed, it is essential that you seek advice about the options that are available to you from a pragmatic and experienced Family Law Specialist.  That advice should concentrate on the mechanics of divorce/separation, your children and finances.


Cost Effective


Most other senior family law solicitors in the South West charge anywhere between £190 and £250 per hour plus VAT. They also reserve the right to increase this rate throughout the conduct of your case and some will charge an additional fee if the case should become ‘complicated’.  You are also paying not only for the service that you receive but towards their expensive business premises, their huge marketing and advertising budget, their Chief Executive to enjoy corporate entertainment and their large myriad of staff including telephonists, administrative, accounts staff and trainee solicitors.


At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors we do not want you to pay extra for things which do not directly benefit your case.  We pass on to you all of the savings that we have made in the way that we have chosen to operate our business. There will not be any increase in our hourly rate or any extra charges due to alleged complexities.  We realise that large and costly offices together with unnecessary employees will not result in a better outcome for your case.  What matters is the service that you receive and at Blackdown Family Law Solicitors we are only interested in providing you with the best service at a cost effective price.


We do not have large cost targets which are inevitably passed on to clients.  All of the work on your case is undertaken by an experienced Family Law Solicitor at a rate of £110 per hour plus VAT.  It is much less than some firms will charge you for the services of an unqualified legal clerk or a trainee solicitor fresh out of Law School and who has little experience in the job. On a divorce it is the future of your financial circumstances that is at issue – do you wish to trust these to someone without the necessary qualifications or the required experience?

Free Advice

We are pleased to offer all of our clients a free initial consultation.  This will cover the options available to you in terms of separation and divorce and the various processes by which your case can be resolved.  It will also include general advice about the different types of claims that can be made and hence the settlements which are available.  We will ascertain your objectives, prioritise the issues and formulate a plan of action for the further progress of your case.


Some firms offer and initial free half hour appointment but at Blackdown Family Law Solicitors we do not restrict the amount of time that we spend with you at our first appointment.  This is because we appreciate that half an hour or even an hour is a wholly inadequate period of time for you to obtain the information that you need to determine whether to proceed with what is a life changing decision.  It is also important that you have sufficient opportunity to establish a rapport with your Solicitor – as choosing the right person to represent you is crucial.


There is absolutely no obligation to proceed at the end of the initial appointment as we appreciate that you may want time to think before continuing.


We are happy for our free initial consultation to be either in person or to be conducted over the telephone, whichever is more convenient to you.  Clearly, however the former is far more beneficial and thorough for both Solicitor and client.


At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors we appreciate that it may not always be convenient for you to fit your dealings with us into normal working hours.  Most solicitors are only open between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. (some even close for lunch) and this means that you are severely restricted in your communications with them.  We want to make life easier for you at what is a difficult time and this is why we operate flexible working hours.  We are available for telephone calls and to meet with you from 9.00 a.m. in the morning until 10.00 p.m. in the evening – 7 days a week.  In this way, we are always accessible at the times when you need us and which are better for you.


Appointments, both initial and subsequent, can take place at our office on the Blackdown Hills just outside Wellington, at your home, a friend’s home, near to your place of work or at any other location of your choosing.  We also have office facilities in all of the local towns and city centres including the High Street, Taunton and Southernhay West, Exeter.


An all too common criticism of solicitors is that they fail to inform their clients in a timely fashion about developments, they fail to return calls or to generally be available to discuss matters.  At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors, we avoid this as it is counterproductive for you and the progress of your case.  We regard that it is extremely important that we are here to listen and to advise you when we are needed and when this is convenient for you.


We make full use of the latest technology to communicate with you.  Letters are sent to you and other solicitors by Email as well as by post, so as to avoid delay.  If we are away from our office, both telephone calls and Emails are redirected so, if possible, they can be answered immediately.  We will return all calls and respond to all Emails on the same day.


We will be honest with you.  We will provide you with realistic time scales and cost information from the outset.  We adopt a firm but fair approach and will be robust with all of our dealings on your behalf.


We have a full reference library which is well read, current and more extensive than most High Street firms.  We are consequently able to monitor all of the latest legal development.


While never yet having been required, Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £2 million cover is in place.

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If you are facing the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, don’t face it alone. Contact Blackdown Family Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law solicitors. We are here to listen, support, and advocate for you as you navigate this challenging chapter in your life.